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SofTrends Inc is a multi-platform, multi-environment, solutions-oriented, value-added, full-service vendor. Founded in 1982, the business is divided into three operating entities: SofTrends, American Computer and WebMasters. SofTrends provides nationally recognized networking, education, consulting, programming and publishing services. SofTrends software has been awarded five national Readers' Choice Awards for excellence. SofTrends has a technical affiliation with firms such as Microsoft, Intel, Western Digital, McAfee and LogMeIn. Our personnel have been interviewed by numerous national publications and local television, radio and print media.

American Computer is known regionally as a provider of high performance personal computers, specialty equipment, networking products, and repair and upgrade services. With sites as distant as Israel, American Computer supports over 6,000 installations within the Cleveland metropolitan area.

WebMasters provides registration, compilation, publication and communication services for the World Wide Web and hosts almost 500 individually managed web sites. WebMasters' proprietary technologies are considered ground-breaking by many in the Internet community.

SofTrends solutions support/manage over $2 Billion of real-time business operations. Our personnel are college educated, highly cross-trained, and have many years of experience in computer hardware, multi-platform programming, systems and application software, and corporate and small business consulting.

Our business philosophy is simple.

♦  Our clients are the only reason we exist. Problems are opportunities. Do whatever it
takes to solve their problem and make them happy. If they are not happy, either fix it or
don't charge them. If we cannot help them, tell them who can.

♦  Employ leading edge technology, not bleeding edge (the earliest Christians got the
hungriest lions).

♦  Offer solutions, not products. The client doesn't care if it's a widget or a midget, he
just wants his problem solved. We are measured by our results, not our efforts.

♦  The softer, the better. Offer software, training and services in preference to hardware.
Purchasing a computer is not an investment. It is an expense. No computer has ever
appreciated in value. "Soft" is ultimately less expensive, and may even be profitable.

♦  The customer we want, wants quality and service. We won't sell on price. Selling on
price reduces profit. Lower profit equals less service and lower quality.

♦  Pre-configure the solution. Use it in-house. Deliver it yesterday.

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